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  • Diabetes and the Risk of Glaucoma

    For many years the link between diabetes and glaucoma has been controversial. Some studies have reported an association whereas others have not. One large clinical trial even suggested diabetes might be protective against developing glaucoma. You can understand the confusion. A recent meta-analysis by Zhao et al has shed some further light on this topic. […]

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  • Having cataract surgery? Which intra-ocular lens is best?

    When a cataract is removed it is replaced by an intra-ocular lens – this focuses the light on the retina at the back of the eye and allows you to see clearly. There are many types of lenses available and patients often ask which lens will be used and why. When choosing a lens, your […]

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  • I’ve been switched from a branded to a generic glaucoma eye drop – is this OK?

    Over the past 12 – 24 months, a number generic glaucoma eye drops have become available in Australia. Many patients are being switched over to generic drops without a full understanding of the difference between branded and generic medication. Such a switch may have implications for your glaucoma control for the reasons below: 1. They […]

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  • Glaucoma Burdon Increasing Around the World

    A recent publication by Tham et al estimates that by 2040, 112 million people will have glaucoma world wide. The regions most heavily affected by the condition are likely to be Africa and Asia. This will likely have an enormous social and economic impact. As glaucoma is a cause of preventable visual impairment and blindness, […]

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  • Vitamins for Macula Degeneration – Why do I take them and will they help?

    Now that you’ve been diagnosed with macula degeneration, one of the first questions you’ll want answered is how to treat it? In the case of dry macula degeneration, it is likely you’ll be asked to take a vitamin supplement. This is because research has shown the use of such a supplement can reduce your risk […]

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  • Do I have Macula Degeneration?

    Macular Degeneration is diagnosed by clinical examination. However, a simple self assessment can help determine whether you are at risk or could possibly have Macula Degeneration. 1. Are you over 50 years? 2. Do you have a family history of macula degeneration? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you are at […]

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  • Sydney Eye Hospital Performs First Boston Keratoprosthesis procedure in Australia

    Dr Gregory Moloney, Dr Mark Gorbatov and myself have recently performed the first combined vitrectomy, Baerveldt tube implant and Boston Keraoprosthesis (pictured) in Australia at Sydney Eye Hospital. The patient was legally blind with a visual acuity of 1/60. Within days of the procedure, his vision has improved to 6/9. The patient is “over the […]

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  • Top 5 Myths About Glaucoma

    1. Glaucoma is due to high eye pressure This is a common misconception. High eye pressure is a risk factor for glaucoma but is not necessarily present when glaucoma develops. Many people with glaucoma have an eye pressure within the normal range, and conversely some individuals have a high eye pressure but never develop glaucoma. […]

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