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  • Helping The Visually Impaired Enjoy Exercise

    Achilles International is a not-for-profit organisation who provide guidance and support for people with disabilities including visual impairment who wish to walk/run and enjoy the outdoors. Founded in New York in 1983, it now comprises more than 100 chapters across 6 continents including Australasia. It caters to all levels of fitness and ability, from the […]

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  • Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery – iStent Inject

    The iStent Inject is a device designed to lower eye pressure by increasing the outflow of fluid from within the eye by improving on the natural outflow pathways. Currently the smallest medical device used in humans (0.4mm), it consists of a head, neck and thorax with a central lumen and is made from titanium (see […]

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  • What is Minimally-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery?

    Minimally-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery, also known as MIGS, refers to one of a number of glaucoma surgical treatments aimed at either reducing eye pressure, reducing dependence on glaucoma medication or both. The MIGS procedures work by increasing the rate that fluid within the eye drains out, which in turn results in a lowering in intra-ocular pressure. […]

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  • Cataract Case Notes

    Case History Mrs SN, a 76 year old underwent routine left cataract surgery for moderate nucleo-sclerotic cataract. Pre-operative corrected acuity was 6/9. At the 2 week post-operative visit, acuity in the same eye was 6/12. The eye is white, cornea clear, anterior chamber quiet, intra-ocular lens well positioned within the bag, fundus examination is normal. […]

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  • Highlights from the World Glaucoma Congress – Episode 2: The Benefits of Yoga

    In the previous blog, “Glaucoma and Depression”, I reported on a study from Turkey demonstrating a link between glaucoma and depression. Naturally, the question that arises from this is “What can be done about it”? Well, an interesting study presented at the World Glaucoma Congress from Mittal et al addresses this very question.They performed a […]

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  • Highlights from the World Glaucoma Congress – Episode 1: Glaucoma and Depression

    Keklikci and Yasan from Turkey presented some interesting work on depression among patients with glaucoma. They interviewed 148 patients with glaucoma and compared them to 70 patients without glaucoma. Using standardised measures such as the structural clinical interview (DSM – IV) and the Beck Depression Inventory, they found the rate of depression was 2.5x that […]

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  • Teaching Glaucoma Surgery to the Surgeons of Tomorrow

    The glaucoma unit at Sydney Eye Hospital is now running regular glaucoma surgery teaching to ophthalmology trainees in the world class micro-surgery wet lab at the Macquarie Street campus, Sydney. The most recent session in May 2015 was attended by 12 registrars seeking to improve their glaucoma surgery skills. The session covered the theory and […]

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  • Clinical Trial Offers Hope of a New Glaucoma Medication

    Whilst in recent years we have seen an explosion of new surgical techniques for glaucoma management, the same cannot be said for glaucoma medication. The last big development with glaucoma eye drops was over 10 years ago, however that may be about to change. A new class of medication, called Rho-kinase inhibitors, has been tested […]

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  • Is Your Glaucoma Harming Your Sleep?

    Researchers from Brasil1 believe they have identified a link between glaucoma and sleep quality. They compared 32 patients with glaucoma to 13 subjects without and measured quality of sleep using polysomnography. They found patients with glaucoma have significantly lower total sleep time, sleep efficiency and oxyhemoglobin saturation (the molecule that carries oxygen from your lungs […]

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  • Association Between Erectile Dysfunction and Glaucoma

    A recent study conducted in British Columbia (Canada) lends further weight to the theory that glaucoma and male erectile dysfunction (ED) are linked. Nathoo et al compared 1380 patients with ED to 13800 patients without. Cases with ED were more likely to have coronary artery disease, chronic airways disease and diabetes. Those with ED were […]

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